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About the Start Page Machine project

Happy face of the developerHi, I am JP, a designer and web developer from The Netherlands. I run a collective of creatives called Ontwerpfabriek and spend most of my time maintaining and developing Websitemachine, our Website as a Service platform.

I created this Start Page Machine because the standard browser start pages annoy me. After trying out a handful of Firefox extensions I decided to design my own page in plain HTML and CSS. A few moths later I programmed a lightweight application in PHP to more easily add / edit links and order them in groups.

This Start Page Machine makes my life a little easier. You're welcome to give it a try. It's free and if you like it, you can buy me a coffee or support me via Liberapay.

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[2022-09-13] Nicer negative spacing on very lage screens
[2022-06-30] Added small pencil icon to link hover on edit page. Removed some lines of unused Js.
[2022-06-28] Rebuild of layout using flexbox to optimize space for longer start pages .
[2021-12-19] Added a User Guide.
[2021-12-17] Added a Privacy statement and Cookie policy.
[2021-12-15] Online 🥳

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